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It's so hard to believe that we are in December already! Of course if you go by the holiday decorations in the stores one would think it has been December for the past three months. Call me old fashioned, but I seem to recall people celebrating and decorating for Thanksgiving before breaking out the holiday stuff.

Ah well, the holiday season is upon us and many of you have probably braved the malls searching the right gift for those on your shopping list. In fact, you have shopped so much you are starting to think that Bourbon Chicken is authentic Asian cuisine!

Then again you may be one of the many who do all of their shopping online-which can be exhausting enough with all of the choices out there.

Well readers, aren't you glad that the lady Kuzibah has asked me to join this team so I can continue my yearly gift guide tradition!

Food items usually make great gifts for the party hostess, co-worker or seldom seen relative who's name you pulled from the "Secret Santa" box. For most people chocolate is a treat that will always be appreciated whether its regular or sugar free. The best example of great chocolates I can think of is Blue Frog chocolates of New Orleans. Imagine the look on your relative's face when they discover an (chocolate) alligator under their tree. Or maybe you might decide to bewitch them with the chocolate voodoo doll which can be obtained from this company.

Oh yes, what better thing to go with a dessert item but coffee. While I have recommended "Little Coffee Shop of Horrors" in the past I want to take a moment to focus on a new coffee company call H.T.Brown. The owner of this business got into the habit of roasting his own coffee years ago and now has his own business on the web. I have had his coffee many times and I can personally recommend this to my readers.

Another interesting gift idea I wish to show you are these hand painted saints medals from Saints for Sinners. There are a variety of saints to choose from (and probably some sinners) which would make for a gift guaranteed to be a conversation piece. Or you may decide on giving someone this lovely gris gris doll pin which would be the cause of many conversations in your family for years to come. Then again you may decide to give someone a symbol of the city of New Orleans, which is the Fleur De Lis.

A piece of jewelry that would make a lovely gift as well as going for a good cause is the "Fleur De Lis" pin being sold as a fundraiser for the New Orleans public library. As many of you recall quite a few of the branches were damaged as a result of Katrina. Each pin is hand made by the New Orleans artist Thomas Mann.

Music is always a great gift choice and there are several to choose from. For starters the mad scientists of rock, The Consortium of Genius is celebrating their 10th year of musical mayhem so they are offering a compilation CD of their finest works. If there are any "Doctor Demento" fans on your gift list COG's song "Placebo" was played on his show a few years ago. Then again if one's tastes are a tad gothic there are always the good people of Midnight Syndicate who have released a compilation CD entitled "Out of the Darkness" which has some of the best tunes from their earlier works such as "Born of the Night" and "Realm of Shadows". Another group with that similar sound is Nox Arcana and they have a CD with gothic renditions of holiday tunes entitled "Winter's Knight". This will be ideal for any unique holiday gathering or just the thing to get rid of guests who just won't leave.

If your holiday tastes are more traditional, please check out New Orleans Christmas and sales of this CD go for the New Orleans area Habitat of Humanity.

Now I should dedicate a portion of my gift guide for suggestions on what to get the "ghouls" on your own list. After all, she attends many a monster show with you so shouldn't she get something really special? Imagine her delight when gets a bottle (or any beauty product) of Voodoo Love from you. This is a recreation of the special formula the voodoo queen would give to her special customers. If that is not her style there are many other things on the website worth checking out. Another place for gifts would be Dark Candles which has candles with lovely fragrances as well as beauty products. Needless to say she has plenty of products to choose from on this site.

Independent film company ten18films is selling two of their noted documentaries on their website. The documentary Hexing a Hurricane which has been marked down to $5 and would be an interesting gift to any film lover. There is also Mark Redfield's speculative film on the final hours in the life of the man who invented modern horror, The Death of Poe.

If all else fails, one could always give gift cards or certificates from places like Amazon or Creepy Classics if one is stumped for ideas.

Thus ends my 2006 gift guide article. However if anyone who is reading this is stumped what to give me most of the suggestions would work well with me. In fact I can print up and underline my favorite ideas if you so wish! (Just kidding)

Happy Holidays!


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