Blobfest - July 2006

This July, Grim and Kuzibah visited the annual BlobFest in Phoenixville, PA. Read about the celebration in this August's message.


 The Blob Attacks! Festival-goers re-enact the famous "running from the theatre" scene at the Colonial Theatre.


 Musical guests The Rivers perform Friday night...

 ...and Saturday Afternoon, here joined by girl group The Cosmos.


 We are surprised and thrilled to see our friend Jennifer, from our Six Flags days.


 Last year's costume winner, a portrayal of the theatre under attack by the blob.

 The 2006 costume contest contestants dance onstage while the judges deliberate.


 The hula hoop contest is about to start!

 And here are our winners! Young Miss Charlotte is in the center.


 The Blob Returns! But today the Blob seems less interested in eating the population of the town than in posing for photos, luckily for all of us.


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