Horrorfind 2006

This August, Grim, Kuzibah, and Moira attended the sixth annual Horrorfind Weekend in Hunt Valley, Maryland. Below are some of the entrants in their amazing costume contest. Read about the event in Convention Reports.



Waiting in line, we encounter a strange denizen from the underworld (in fact, another alter-ego of our friend Baron von Wolfenstein.)


 The strange (and strangely adorable) Invader Zim!


 A fearsome pirate from the past...  

 ...meets a horrifying mutant from the future.


 A bit of the Grand Guignol, as a hideous scene of torture plays out for the amusment of the crowd.


Two unpleasant misses: First, an undead brat (Mr. Bear was to shortly lose his head)...

...and then an Alice who seems to have gone a bit mad herself.


 The familiar monster from the 'Bugs Bunny' cartoons, known to his friends as Gossamer.

 An impressive beast that seems to have relatives in the world of "The Dark Crystal"


Our personal favorite: a colorful denizen of the deep inspired by the tales of H.P. Lovecraft


And who should Grim encounter afterwards but "scream queen" Darian Caine ("Witchbabe.") It's hard to say who was a bigger fan of whom!
Photo courtesy of Joe Ripple


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