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The Family Album

It's a super-sized Family Album this month, with photos from all of our appearances this past year!


Horrorfind - March 2008



In March we went to the second annual Spring Horrorfind Weekend in Adelphia, MD. It was the first time in a new hotel, and while the layout was an adjustment, it was nice to have such a large venue.


 The auditorium may have been bigger, but the players were our familiar friends. Here is our host, Count Gore...  

...and our reliable head of security, Mr Joe Ripple. (This is the same gentleman who founded Scares That Care! and who directs with Time Warp Films.)


A frightening gang of glamorous zombie girls.


Two larger-than-life contestants: "Sweetums" (from The Muppets)...

...and Japanese monster "Zilla-God."



A crowd favorite in the young fan category: The frightening puppet from the "Saw" movie series.


MonsterBash - June 2008


 The great MonsterBash festival returned to Butler, PA, and it was like returning to the old homestead. Here comedian and perennial Bash guest Don Reese joins Grim for a fundraiser-- "Chokeholds for Charity," where fans could have their portraits taken with the duo to raise money for Monster Kid Noah.


This amazing and fully articulated Audrey 2 puppet was performing all day in the lobby...

...and at one point took a taste of Bash guest Felix Silla, a.k.a. Cousin Itt on The Addams Family. (You can see video footage of the Audrey 2 puppet in action at Kuzibah's YouTube channel.)


Grim meets with guest Donna Douglass (Ellie Mae on The Beverly Hillbillies...)

...And passes time with one of the many alter-egos of Tim Herron (Baron von Wolfstein.)


Blobfest - July 2008



Blobfest in Phoenixville, PA celebrated the 50th Anniversary of The Blob's release this year, starting Friday night with a rousing show by NYC band The Neanderthals...


...And followed by the re-creation of the famous "run out" scene. (See video footage of this year's run-out, as well as a short clip of The Neanderthals at Kuzibah's YouTube channel.)


Moira prepares to start the parade with her famous blood-curdling scream.

And here we go!


 The parade's Grand Marshall, the winner of the Steve McQueen look-alike contest.


The parade makes its way down Bridge Street.

Moira joins fellow guest Madame Blobovia on the festival stage.


A somewhat subdued Blob poses for pictures at the restored Colonial Theater.


Horrorfind - August 2008


Horrorfind returned to Adelphia in August for another weekend of Horror. And of course our perennial costume contest hosts, Ken Foree (Dawn of the Dead) and Dee Wallace Stone (E.T.) were there, shown with our friend, Joe Ripple.

This undead bride and groom "walked the aisle..." did two distaff Droogs inspired by the film A Clockwork Orange.

This impressive (read: Large) pumpkin patch costume made a definite splash.

But the prize went to this trio of deadly sirens and their hapless victim.


Family Album Archive


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