Monster Bash 2007

On June 22-24, Kuzibah and Grim attended Monster Bash, presented by our friends at in Pittsburgh, PA. Unfortunately, our trusty Brownie gave out before we could even take the first picture. Luckily, some of our friends were generous enough to take pictures for us.


Count Gregula and his lovely bride, The Countess Gregula pose with us in the hallway. Visit the Gregulas' website here.

Photo Courtesy of Count Gregula


 Kuzibah and Count Gregula strike a pose. As you may notice, it's very possible that we may share a tailor.


Photo Courtesy of Count Gregula


 Grim and Kuzibah meet the Bash Guest of Honor: Elvira, the Mistress of the Dark.




Photo Courtesy of Count Gregula


Kuzibah and Grim meet the enormous actor Richard Kiel.

Photo Courtesy of Gord Reid


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